Paratrooper Pale Ale

The beer that started it all!  You will want to parachute in and try this single-hop pale ale that is our staple.  The light color is due to a malt heavy in pils. It has a pleasant aroma and is slightly hoppier than a traditional pale ale, but retains a smooth finish.  

Hazy Day in the Clouds IPA

Experience the euphoria of cruising through the clouds with this IPA.  Although this hazy IPA is aggressively hopped, it has a smoother, less-bitter finish than most.  With a slightly tropical aroma, a nice color, and a lighter body, it is extremely drinkable while still satisfying the cravings of hop-heads like us.  

Double Time DIPA

Do you dream of big, super hoppy beers?  Look no further. This richly-colored and boldly-hopped double IPA is surprisingly smooth, making it a great choice for both experienced hop-heads and novices looking to try some hoppier beer styles.  You will want to get here double time to try one!

Willy P Witbier

White phosphorous, commonly referred to as Willy P, is used by the military to create smokescreens.  What better name then for this traditionally light and hazy beer.

This traditional Belgian-style witbier is brewed with a healthy amount of orange peel and coriander, to help give this beer its distinctive aroma and flavor.  With both a clean taste and crisp finish, this refreshing beer is great on a hot summer day.

Combat Coffee Porter

You will want to fight to get this beer.  The perfect name for a beer that packs a punch.  This dark-style beer was originally developed in London.  We add coffee to this traditional style, creating a rich and full flavor.  While dark in style, this recipe produces a beer that’s not too heavy. The great coffee flavor is courtesy of our friends at Knowledge Perk.

MRE Stout

Any military member will tell you that an MRE is a “meal ready to eat.”  While this stout does not quite fit that bill, it may be a meal ready to drink.  This oatmeal milk stout is dark in color and rich in flavor. With a strong vanilla flavor and hints of chocolate, it tastes better than breakfast!